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Jad Engine Faq

Frequently asked questions about Jad Engine

What is Jad Engine (Jade)?

Jad Engine is a 3D Game Engine completely built in C# + MDX. It offers great graphic capabilities using the power of shaders 2.0, plus it´s own AI library and integrated physics thanks to the Newton Physics Library. See the Features section for more information.

Wait, there is a engine called Haddd quite similar to this one!

Yes :) That´s because Jade 1.0 is based on Haddd 2.0. On May 16th, Haddd announced that the development of the "Haddd Engine" was finished. At that time I was the AI programmer of Haddd and I decided to try to continue the development of Haddd. When I asked Haddd and Berserker if I could continue, they allowed me to go on and release the source code, as long as I changed the name of the engine. You can get more info on what happened in the Haddd homepage ( and the Stratos Forums (

What does Jad mean?

Nothing at all ;) It´s an spanish joke about the old engine name.

What is the current situation of Jad Engine?

At the moment delahermosa and plonkman are looking at the source code trying to understand the inner workings of Jad. Keep in mind that the original creators will continue to help although not actively, so a new core team must be assembled to continue the engine. First they must learn how the engine works, and that takes time. I´ll continue to maintain tha AI part and you can expect new features added to it at a good rate, but for the graphic part we are re-starting so it will take a little longer to take off.

What are the requirements of Jad Engine?

The main requeriment of Jad Engine is to have a graphic card that supports shaders 2.0.

Why did you choose those requirements?

That requirement was chosen at the start of 2005. The objective was to have a target that would be more or less common when the engine became stable for production. The team at that time didn´t want to have to fight with lower end cards constraints. While shaders 2.0 aren´t 100% common today, they are becoming more and more usual.

Can I make a game with this engine and sell it?

Yes! The engine itself is licensed under the LGPL, so you can make your own game using Jad and sell it, and you don´t have to release the source of it or anything similar.

The english you use in the code is pretty strange, and the documentation is full of TODO...

Yes I know :( The engine was developed by a group of spanish people, so our english is far from perfect. Also, the old code wasn´t very well documented, so we are working now little by little in the improvement of that subject.

I want to help! Can I join the Jad Team?

Yes and no. You can help submitting bug fixes, new features, tutorials, and whatever you like in the Jade Developer Boards or sending an email to jadengine AT gmail DOT com with the subject JADE SUBMIT XXXXXX. We´ll look at them and if they are good, we´ll add them to the core of the engine. But joining the team is a different subject :( I would like to have a team as small as possible (because a lot of people are very hard to manage), so joining will be only for people that show an impressive dedication to the engine.

Can I link Jade from my webpage?

Yes you can, here you can see some gif files to put in your webpage to link us :)

jadeboton1.gif White background
jadeboton2.gif Black background
jadeboton3.gif Green background
jadeboton4.gif Transparent background for dark webpages (white font)
jadeboton5.gif Transparent background for clear webpages (black font)

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