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All code in Jade should follow as close as possible Microsoft Design Guidelines for Developing Class Libraries. We know that they are quite long, and we also know that they are quite boring. But they are useful, and they explain a lot of common mistakes people do while writing .NET Libraries. So spend time reading and understanding them, it will pay off.


Code should be validated against Jade FXCop project without warnings or errors.


There are several things related to code style that will be addressed here.


Folders can be a namespace or not, but no files can´t be outside their namespace folder (or one of it sub-folders).


All classes intended to be used by any object outside of the current file, should be placed in their own file. Structs, delegates and enums used by a class can be placed in the same file as the class that uses them.

Comments and Documentation

Document everything using standard C# XML documentation. Try to comment your code with // style comments when needed, maybe another person will be working on it in the future.


All fields from classes should be prefixed with "_". For example:
private int _triCount;

Use clear names for your variables, do not use cryptic short abbreviations and things like that. Do not use hungarian notation.

New Lines

Use new lines to separate blocks of code. Use one or two new lines depending on how related the code is. Do not put new lines around that don´t make sense (like at the end of a method or a class declaration).

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