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Features of Jad Engine

Here you can find a list of the features that Jade supports actually in its latest stable release (1.0). This list will be updated as the Jad Team and Comunity work on the engine. You can check other features that are in the works in Under Development.

General Features

  • Fully developed in C# 2.0 and MDX
  • Fully integrated with the .NET platform
  • Focused for graphic cards that support shaders 2.0 or better

Graphic Features


Jade uses 3D Studio Max as its principal edition tool
  • Noise editor
  • Material editor (not finished)
  • Particle editor
  • Scene and animation tool that allows parameter edition


  • It uses Newton Physics Engine to generate realistic movements and responses
    1. Rigid body
    2. Joints (Ball, Hinge, Slider, Universal, Up)
    3. Collisions


  • Per-pixel lighting using shaders 2.0
  • Implemeted types of lights (the user can create more at will)
    1. Blinn-Phong
    2. Minnaert
    3. Oren-Nayar
    4. Phong
    5. WardIsotropic
  • Supported maps
    1. Diffuse
    2. Specular
    3. Bump map
    4. Height map (parallax mapping)
    5. Reflexion
    6. Refraction
    7. Emissive
    8. Detail Mapping
  • Supports light maps generated from 3D Studio Max (deprecated)
  • HDR support (the graphic card must support floating point blending)


  • FirstPerson
  • SelfDriven (exported from 3D Studio Max)


  • ShadowMapping
  • Stencil Shadows
  • Soft shadows for the two shadow types

Scene Management

  • Scene Graph
  • Mirrors
  • Render Targets

Special Effects

  • Skybox
  • BillBoarding
  • Particle Systems
  • Light Shafts
  • Depth of Field
  • Glow
  • Postproduction system integrated in the engine
  • Volumetric Lights
  • Fog (Linear, Exponential, Exponential Squared, Layered)

Sound Features

  • 2D, 3D and streaming
  • Supports Vorbis Ogg (

Input Features

  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • XBox 360 controller support through XInput

Artifical Intelligence Features

  • Evolutinary Computing
    1. Big set of default operators for genetic algorithms
    2. Easily extensible classes to solve your own problems
  • Goal-based architecture support
    1. Basic classes to create goal based systems that allow memory
  • Graph classes
    1. Handle differents types of graph, edges and nodes easily
  • Messaging
    1. Communicate and handle messages for the game entities
    2. Different ways of routing and casting messages to the entities
  • Navigation
    1. Steering behaviors that allow easy movement
  • Pathfinding
    1. Multiple pathfinding algorithms: depth first, width first, dijkstra and A*
    2. Allows time-sliced searchs or full-time searchs
    3. Manager that handles lots of entities requesting paths at the same time
  • State Machines
    1. Basic architecture setup to create complex state machines

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