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Here you can see what the Jade Team and the Jade Community are planning for the future. If there is a project you like and you would want to contribute, contact the project Leader. If there's something you would like to add to the engine, post it in the Discussion boards, under the Jade Development forum.

This are the features planned for the 1.1 release.

Project Information Author Contact Information Forum Thread Completed Merged
Collada Importer Importing Collada files and using it as main file format Jade Team (meeshoo) mihai.cozma AT gmail DOT com Yes No Yes
Binary Format Jade own binary format Jade Team (Jader) jadengine AT gmail DOT com No Yes Yes
Virtual File System New file system for Jade Jade Team (delahermosa & Vicente) jadengine AT gmail DOT com Yes No Yes
Input Reworking the input system of Jade and allowing to script it Jade Team (Reed) - Yes Yes Yes
Scripting Scripting system for Jade Jade Team (Reed) - Yes No Yes

Features for the 1.2 version are being talked at the moment. They will be announced shortly after 1.1 gets stable status and ships.

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